Electric Unity Pulsing Through Me

Day 12

Woke up at 1030am

11am 1800mg Choline Bitartrate 

Done eating by 11:52am

1:45pm DOSING

600mg Pramiracetam

121mg L-theanine

1000mg Fish Oil

900mg Choline Bitartrate


Power went out…lost all recorded data 2pm-9pm


Watched this earlier. <3 Heroin Bob.

Super underrated movie, it’s incredible. Forgot how much I loved it.

Anonymous said: how do u read minds?

That’s a secret man. 

My Bestfriend

We all have our arguments, our adversities in life, without which a bond would be weak. As things come between us, our friendship only grows stronger, and things seem to come between us a lot, and as they do the bond only seems to grow stronger and stronger. I like to see it as the universes way of keeping our bond strong. For without adversity we would just drift apart over time as things grow dull. 

Without my bestfriend Marissa Clark my life wouldn’t be the same, and I wouldn’t have another person so much alike to relate to. Her being in my life has helped me grow leaps and bounds as a person and where I am now is a direct result of her, and that, is worth more than anything I could value in this world. I love my sbffe <3

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend SBFFE Marissa Clark <3. One of the most beautiful girls I know. No matter what adversity happens in our lives we will always find a way through it. Best friends forever <3.


At night in my window I see a silhouette
Crying heavy tears look how wet my pillow gets
Throughout my days I don’t smile I just get upset
And since you left look at all the shit that it affects
I take a picture of your face and I just hold it up
Kiss it, then reminisce on when it was both of us
It’s hard for me to open up, I’m always talking to myself
But to nobody else
Some say that church or maybe counseling could probably help

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